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Note: While Fall 2024 registration is open, this page has not been updated with Fall 2024 details.  For the latest info, see the GotSport links on our homepage.  These details will be updated shortly...

The HSC Intramural Program is a co-ed program for children and youth in the Hanover Community. The program gives players the opportunity to learn the game of soccer and be part of a team. Age groups include: U6 - birth years 2018/2019 U8 - birth years 2016/2017 U10 - births years 2014/2015 U12 - birth years 2012/2013 U14 - birth years 2011/2010. Players are placed in age groups by birth year/birth date range. Time commitment is one practice night and one game per week. There are 2 seasons - Spring and Fall - and each season typically lasts 11-12 weeks. Teams are also scheduled to play 7-8 games on Sundays throughout the season. Additionally, U8/U10/U12 plays 1 tournament per season, known as Super Soccer Sunday, to provide a competitive atmosphere for players. All Star games will be held at the end of each season. 


There is no travel required for intramural, and all practices/games are held outside at various fields in Hanover. Teams are co-ed and are selected based on many factors, including preferred practice night, siblings in the club, gender composition of the registrants, etc. Every attempt is made for each team to have an equal number of players at different levels to have a fair playing field. Please note that we cannot guarantee specific team and coach requests.  


Each team will play the other teams in their age group - each age group has slightly different rules and field sizes. Coaches work together to referee games for U6 and U8. 


Players receive a jersey and socks to be worn on game days. Cleats, shin guards and comfortable clothes are the only other equipment needed (a ball to practice with at home is encouraged).  Look for a Dick’s Sporting Goods coupon and information about Casey’s Cleats at the beginning of each season. 


The cost of the intramural program is $85. 



Each FAMILY will also be required to fundraise the equivalent of 7 raffle tickets, $10 each. At registration: each family will select the $155 registration fee for ONE player. If you have more than one player, you will select the regular check-out item ($85) for each additional player. Selling your seven tickets will make your money back. When you sell the seven tickets, you can keep the money since you have already paid for them, do not hand additional money into the club. To help ensure that everyone is selecting one family member with the raffle tickets we will check your registration once it is completed. The registrar will be in touch to the email that registered if fundraising payment for the family wasn’t completed.

Please note: In order to reduce the fundraiser requirement per family, the proper payment must be completed by the registration deadline in order for your player(s) to be put onto a team. If you have questions about this, please reach out as we are happy to help! Every dollar raised goes right back into the club’s operations and new field development. We are working hard to save money and fundraising is a necessary part of staying open for our kids.

Click here for Intramural Registration





  • Spring season practices will begin the week of March 17th.

  • The informational parent meeting will take place on March 10th at South Western Auditorium. You will have a chance to meet your coach at this time.  

  • Games are played on Sundays and will start April 7th.

  • Super Soccer Saturday for U8 will be 4/20 Super Soccer weekend for U10 will be 4/27-4/28 Super Soccer weekend for U12 will be 5/4-5/5.  

  • All Stars will be held on Saturday, May 18th. 



Little kickers is an introductory 6 week program for ages 2.5 - 5.  Your child will be introduced to the basics of soccer with fun games and drills.  A parent or guardian will need to assist each week.  Practice will be once a week for 45 minutes and begin the week of TBD.  If there is a practice night you can not make please let us know in your registration.  You will get your assigned night and coach by the end of March.

Little Kickers is full for the Spring 2023 Season.

Interested in coaching? All head coaches get a $15 discount on their player’s registration fee (use code COACHS24).  
There will be a coaches meeting on March 10th after the general meeting. We will go over all the necessary season information. 
Coaches also receive a free coach jersey, a free picture with their player and their team on picture day, and are provided with an equipment bag each season (balls, cones, pinnies, etc.) Coaches can also pick their practice night/time. We try our best to pair every head coach with an assistant coach, as well. 


*All coaches are volunteers who are provided with guidance to run practices/games and to help players develop

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